Royal Retreats: 10 Nights of Luxury Across Bhutan’s Majestic Valleys

Embark on an extraordinary 10-night Bhutan trip, a carbon-negative tourism destination that seamlessly blends the echoes of centuries past with the contemporary world. 

This royal retreat spans Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, and Paro, each valley a tapestry of unique charms and cultural marvels. Your seasoned Guest Experience Maker, a personal guide, awaits to escort you through these timeless landscapes rich with immersive tales of culture and history, and local life.

Our royal retreats strike a perfect harmony between meaningful encounters and exhilarating fun in the ‘Last Shangri La,’ guided by the ethos of ‘Gross National Happiness.’ 

Join us on a captivating odyssey through Bhutan’s pristine landscapes and age-old heritage – a destination where the past and present harmoniously unite.

Royal Retreats: 10 Nights of Luxury Across Bhutan’s Majestic Valleys

Consider this Bhutan itinerary a mere starting point, as we are devoted to shaping a truly tailored journey designed to cater to your desires and interests each day.


Paro Airport – Thimphu Valley “The Heart Of Bhutan”

Embark on an enchanting Bhutan trip as you touch down at the picturesque Paro International Airport, the gateway to Bhutan’s wonders. Your adventure starts with a scenic one-hour drive to Thimphu, the capital, which is at an elevation of 7,700 ft, cradled within a steep valley.

Remarkably, Thimphu proudly holds the distinction of being one of the world’s two capital cities without a single traffic light, adding a unique charm to your Bhutan tour.

Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, you will find luxury hotels dotted along the valley. Each hotel is a haven where luxury meets tradition. Luxury hotels in Thimphu are renowned as some of the best in Bhutan, seamlessly blending modern comfort with traditional Bhutanese charm enhancing your overall Bhutanese experience.

You can choose hotels in proximity to local markets, quaint shops, and inviting cafes, perfect for leisurely explorations during your  Bhutan trip. Alternatively, opt to be surrounded by Bhutan’s pristine nature by choosing a luxury escapade away from the thriving urban life of Thimphu. 

Thimphu Valley

Regardless of the location, when you step inside any of the luxe hotels, you will discover a harmonious fusion of Bhutanese aesthetics and contemporary interiors, offering guests the best of both worlds.

Once you settle into your opulent haven in Thimphu, you can take a rejuvenating dip in the indoor pool, savoring the panoramic views of the capital, or indulge in a delectable dining experience featuring organic ingredients sourced from local farmers’ markets, enhancing the sustainability aspect of a carbon-negative tourism destination.

As your energy abounds, visit the colossal 52-meter Buddha Dordenma statue, a mesmerizing spectacle overlooking the Thimphu valley. Venture on a gentle hike to Changangkha Lhakhang, a sacred temple dating back to the 12th century, offering a serene escape to offset any lingering jet lag from your Bhutan trip.

End your day with a rejuvenating spa massage at your hotel to get rid of your jet lag, ensuring a seamless transition into the cultural embrace and natural beauty that defines this extraordinary country. 


Thimphu Valley “The Craftsmanship Of Western Bhutan”

Centuries-Old Bhutanese Arts And Crafts

Start your first full morning in Bhutan with a revitalizing wellness experience at the spa, awakening your senses to the wonders of this mystical land. Each morning offers a fresh array of activities, from the serenity of yoga to mindfulness meditation, setting the tone for your day.

Following a nourishing breakfast, your knowledgeable guide will lead you to discover the valley’s treasures. Begin your journey at the Simply Bhutan Museum, a “living” museum that unfolds the vibrant tapestry of traditional Bhutanese life. This is a must-visit on your Bhutan itinerary.

Next, delve into Bhutanese culture at Zorig Chusom, the National Institute for Arts and Crafts, where centuries-old art forms resonate with the spirit of Buddhism. Be sure to explore the locally crafted art pieces and textiles—ideal souvenirs for your Bhutan tour.

The National Textile Museum unveils the intricate beauty of Bhutanese fabrics, providing a glimpse into the deep-rooted history behind each piece—a fascinating addition to your Bhutan trip.

Join the gentle koras with Thimphu residents at the Memorial Chorten and conclude your day at the awe-inspiring Tashichho Dzong, a fortress brimming with regal splendor and spiritual significance. 

Bhutan awaits, inviting you to experience its natural beauty and cultural heritage with open arms and a heart full of warmth on your Bhutan tour.


Thimphu Valley: Punakha “Home To White-Bellied Herons”

Begin your travels to Punakha with a stop at the iconic Dochula Pass amidst the 108 hillside chortens, where the awe-inspiring Dochula Pass beckons with its panoramic views of the majestic Himalayan range on clear days. 

As you descend into the subtropical Punakha valley, be captivated by the charm of rustic farmhouses and terraced rice fields, painting a serene rural landscape. 

Consider indulging in late afternoon pomegranate martinis by the riverside, with the enchanting dzong providing a picturesque backdrop as the sun sets below the horizon. Immerse yourself in Bhutanese culinary delights, ranging from fresh spring rolls to the local favorite, dzao (popped Bhutanese rice).

For an unparalleled retreat, find ultimate relaxation at one of the many exclusive luxury hotels in Punakha Valley. You will notice how hotels in Bhutan seamlessly combine luxury with authenticity which is unique to Bhutanese architecture. These designs pay homage to traditional Bhutanese aesthetics, accentuated by intricate details often inspired by the national flower, the blue poppy.

Outdoor Feast In Punakha

Situated in the warm embrace of Punakha Valley, hotels in Punakha offer a unique blend of opulence and natural beauty. Your Bhutan tour at these luxury hotels promises an experience like no other, surrounded by verdant paddy fields and forested hills.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Bhutanese culture by exploring nearby stupas like the Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten. Engage in treks, biking adventures, and rafting excursions, all set against the backdrop of the valley’s lush landscape.


Punakha Valley “The Valley Of Great Bliss”

The Art Of Making Homemade Ara, The Local Moonshine

Begin your day with a picturesque hike across the verdant valley, where the sun-kissed mountains and lush forests surround you, leading to a charming monastery—a crucial stop on your Bhutan itinerary.

There, join young, radiant novice monks for a traditional monastic breakfast, immersing yourself in the soulful rhythms of their daily lives. The chief abbot warmly welcomes you to share stories and insights, adding a personal touch to your Bhutan trip.

On your way back to the lodge, indulge in an authentic Bhutanese experience by visiting a farmhouse to savor homemade ara, the local moonshine—a unique highlight of your trip to Bhutan. For lunch, we recommend a delightful outdoor feast under Jacaranda trees, a true gastronomic delight to enhance your Bhutan tour.

In the afternoon, your adventure continues as you gracefully traverse Bhutan’s longest suspension bridge, immersed in nature’s symphony—a breathtaking chapter in your Bhutan tour. At the majestic Punakha Dzong, the “Palace of Great Happiness and Bliss,” marvels at its towering six-story structure, nestled at the confluence of the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers.


Punakha Valley “The Old Capital Of Bhutan”

Start your day with a tranquil bike ride along the meandering river or a scenic hike leading you to the Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, a must-visit on your Bhutan itinerary. 

This breathtaking temple, an architectural masterpiece, was built by Queen Mother Ashi Tshering Yangdon, a testament to her vision of global peace and Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage. As the sun gracefully graces the sky, enhance your Bhutan tour by traveling by car to Talo Nobgang village, the very place where the four Queen Mothers of Bhutan hail from. 

Explore a serene meditation center for nuns and the enchanting Nobgang Monastery, offering a glimpse into Bhutan’s spiritual tapestry—a vital part of your Bhutan itinerary. If you seek a more immersive experience, hop on a bike and pedal to Talo village, surrounded by the glorious vistas of Bhutan’s countryside, making your trip to Bhutan truly unforgettable.

Explore The Religious Sites During Your Trip To Bhutan

Immerse yourself in the intriguing Chimi Lhakhang, a temple celebrating the ‘Divine Madman’ Drukpa Kinley and his wisdom—a unique stop on your Bhutan tour. Stroll through the adjacent village adorned with vivid phallus paintings, a distinctive tribute to the saint, and an offbeat highlight of your Bhutan trip.

Upon your return to your lodge, pamper yourself with a range of rejuvenating treatments and traditional wellness therapies. Find serenity in open-air yoga sessions, soothing massages, and more at the spa, nestled in a fragrant meadow, offering an oasis of relaxation amidst Bhutan’s natural beauty. 

Experience the harmony of luxury and sustainability in your Bhutan hotels, making every moment of your Bhutan trip a true celebration of the country’s unique charm.


Punakha Valley: Gangtey Valley “ The Glacial Valley”

The U-Shaped Glacial Valley

Embark on a mesmerizing Bhutan trip from Punakha to Gangtey Valley, traversing the enchanting bamboo and oak forests of Nobding Valley, eventually ascending to the picturesque Lawa La Pass. Here, nestled in the heart of the majestic Himalayas, awaits your luxurious lodge in the glacial valley—an oasis of tranquility and comfort, making it an ideal choice for your Bhutan tour.

The route unveils breathtaking vistas of wetlands adorned with quaint monasteries and temples, harmonizing with the majestic surrounding mountains, creating an idyllic haven for relaxation during your Bhutanese adventure. This carefully crafted Bhutan itinerary promises a unique experience.

Luxurious lodges in Gangtey Valley offer an immersive and authentic Bhutan experience wrapped in luxury. Inside, you will often discover a world adorned with painted and gilded woodwork, showcasing the blue poppy, Bhutan’s national flower, as a recurring motif, which sets the tone for your stay at these one-of-a-kind Bhutan hotels.

Explore the valley by bike or on foot, discovering the Black-necked Crane Visitor Centre dedicated to protecting Thrung Trung Karmo, adding an educational dimension to your Bhutan tour. Witness the winter residence of around 400 cranes migrating from Tibet.

Continue your adventure through local villages and farmland to a buckwheat hut, where a picnic lunch comes with breathtaking valley views. Return to the lodge, biking or strolling, stopping at Khewang Lhakhang to marvel at unique Buddha statues and original painted walls. If energy permits, engage in a lively game of football with the young monks, a delightful cultural exchange.

Wrap up your day at the lodge with a blissful hot stone bath, massage, and rejuvenating wellness treatments, cleansing your body, mind, and soul, ensuring your Bhutan trip is as restful as it is adventurous. 


Gangtey Valley “Home To Black-Necked Cranes”

Head out for one of the Kingdom’s classic hikes, the Loma Longley trail, a jewel in the heart of Bhutan’s breathtaking landscapes. 

Commence your adventure at the Pele La Pass, where you’ll traverse a charming village adorned with winter camps of yak herders, creating a picturesque tableau that sets the stage for your Bhutan tour.

Ascend to the Kayche La Pass, and be greeted by breathtaking vistas of the Phobjikha Valley and the quaint Gangtey Village—an absolute must on your Bhutan itinerary. Take a break for a delightful picnic lunch, surrounded by the rejuvenating embrace of nature’s wonders.

In the afternoon, meander through the charming streets of Gangtey Village, discovering hidden treasures in its quaint shops. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the 16th-century marvel of Gangtey Goemba, a sanctuary adorned with golden splendor, sitting proudly at the valley’s helm. This sacred space houses a monastery, a school, and meditation havens, embodying the spiritual legacy of Pema Lingpa, a revered Buddhist ‘treasure discoverer.

16th-Century Gangtey Goemba

As the evening descends, return to your lodge to savor handcrafted cocktails on the stone terrace, enveloped in the warmth of a crackling fire pit. Take in the serenity of the early evening as you cycle or drive to a nearby 7th-century temple for a soul-soothing blessing—a highlight of your Bhutan tour.

Conclude your Bhutanese trip in this valley with an intimate candlelit dinner in the rustic ambiance of an arbor next to the temple. Here, each dish is masterfully cooked over an open flame, creating a culinary symphony of flavors and textures.


Gangtey Valley: Paro Valley “ The Mythical Valley”

Explore The Quaint Shops In Paro Valley

Retrace your steps to Paro Valley along the East-West Highway. As you descend into Thimphu, take a moment to marvel at Simtokha Dzong, a tranquil haven and the first of its kind in this extraordinary Kingdom, making it an essential stop on your Bhutan itinerary.

However, the splendor of your

trip to Bhutan doesn’t end there. Continue your voyage to the Chuzom Bridge, a pivotal point where three stupas stand proudly, showcasing a magnificent blend of Bhutanese, Tibetan, and Nepali architectural marvels.

Approaching Paro town, let the grandeur of Rinpung Dzong beckon you to explore its mystique. Afterward, cross the picturesque Nyamai Zampa, a traditional cantilever bridge, and uncover the treasures housed within the Paro National Museum. This museum boasts a treasure trove of captivating Bhutanese relics, bearing witness to centuries of history, making it a must-visit on your Bhutan tour.

For a truly extraordinary experience during your Bhutan trip, consider nestling into one of the many luxurious hotels cocooned by nature. Off-the-grid hotels set against a backdrop of rugged cliffs and towering pine trees, provide a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

At your hotel, pamper yourself with a consultation from one of many revered Traditional Bhutanese Medicine Doctors. They’ll craft a wellness program tailored to harmonize body, mind, and spirit. Immerse yourself in the world of traditional massages, herbal treatments, yoga, meditation, and rejuvenating hot stone baths, ensuring a truly immersive Bhutan tour experience.

For those seeking adventure on their Bhutan trip, challenge your guide and driver to an exciting game of archery, Bhutan’s beloved national sport. Afterward, cap off your day in sheer leisure, surrounded by Bhutan’s extraordinary beauty. Your Bhutan adventure awaits, promising a blend of cultural exploration, natural wonders, and unparalleled tranquility.


Paro Valley “ Rhododendron Flower Paradise”

Embark on a captivating journey to the heart of Bhutan, where the awe-inspiring Taktsang Goemba, popularly known as Tiger’s Nest, stands as a profound symbol of spiritual heritage. 

Your knowledgeable guide, well-versed in Bhutan itinerary intricacies, will regale you with enchanting tales of Guru Rinpoche, the 8th-century Tibetan sage, who, folklore tells, arrived on the back of a celestial tigress, ushering Buddhism into this breathtaking realm.

As you trek toward this iconic monastery on your Bhutan tour, indulge in a delightful picnic amidst the symphony of nature’s serenades. En route to Paro town, bask in the ancient allure of Kyichu Lhakhang, a 7th-century temple embellished with two enchanting orange trees that bear fruit all year round.

The Iconic Tiger’s Nest

Upon your return to your hotel in Paro Valley, surrender to the soothing embrace of the traditional hot stone bath, a perfect respite after an invigorating day exploring the wonders of Bhutan.

Immerse yourself in the age-old traditions with rejuvenating massages, herbal therapies, and yoga, meditation, and therapeutic hot stone baths. In Bhutan, we promise an unforgettable odyssey that will forever renew your spirit and heart tethered to this enchanting land. Whether it’s your first or fifteenth trip to Bhutan, each visit unfolds a unique chapter in the story of your Bhutan tour.

DAY 10

Paro Valley “Fairytale-Like Valley Views”

Offer Butter Lamps

Awaken your senses with a blissful morning, starting your Bhutan trip with a rejuvenating spa experience that sets the tone for a day filled with awe and wonder. Embark on a picturesque descent to Paro town, traversing the enchanting local trail that meanders through fragrant pine forests.

Pause at the serene meditation center, Goemdra, and the nearby fortress, Zurig Dzong, immersing yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Bhutan, making your trip to Bhutan a truly enriching experience.

As you stroll down Paro’s charming main street, adorned with quaint local restaurants and

artisanal shops, you’ll discover the heart and soul of this vibrant town, an essential part of your Bhutan itinerary. 

Embrace the magic of the evening at the Samtenling Monastery, where a Buddhist blessing ceremony awaits. Illuminate 108 butter lamps, sharing your blessings with all sentient beings in a moment that transcends time.

End your tour of this subtropical valley with an extraordinary dinner. Don the national dress and relish a feast under a celestial canopy surrounded by ancient energy that permeates from Paro Valley. Delight in live music, enchanting folk dances, and a traditional Bhutanese menu sizzling on an outdoor stone grill. 

DAY 11

Paro Valley– Paro Airport

As you bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes of Bhutan after a nourishing breakfast, reminisce about the myriad memories created amid the genuine warmth of Bhutanese hospitality. This marks the end of your remarkable Bhutan trip, a journey that goes beyond mere sightseeing, encapsulating the very spirit of this carbon-negative tourism destination.

Each moment of your Bhutan tour has been a brushstroke on the canvas of your travel experience, capturing the essence of this Himalayan jewel. Feel the embrace of a Kingdom that values happiness as much as its breathtaking scenery. 

From the majestic valleys to the vibrant traditions, your Bhutan itinerary has woven together a tapestry of experiences that linger in the heart.

Paro International Airport

As you transfer to the airport, carry the spirit of Bhutan with you—a kaleidoscope of vivid landscapes, vibrant traditions, and the simple joy of being in a place where nature and culture dance harmoniously.

Your Bhutanese adventure bids adieu, promising a rendezvous with serenity and joy in the future.

Embark on a splendid journey through Bhutan’s four-valley royal retreat, a mesmerizing starting point to unveil the Kingdom’s natural wonders and cultural gems. Immerse yourself in a curated blend of iconic sites and hidden treasures, fostering meaningful connections with warm-hearted locals. 

Your adventure is a canvas awaiting your personalized touch, where every detail can be tailored to suit your desires and preferences, making your trip to Bhutan truly unique.

Elevate your experience with 10 Nights of Luxury Across Bhutan’s Majestic Valleys—meticulously curated by KarmaBhutan‘s seasoned experts, masters of crafting unparalleled Himalayan escapes. Whether it’s exploring Bhutan’s iconic sites or indulging in the luxury of Bhutan hotels, your journey is designed to be an exquisite blend of comfort and discovery.

Your exploration of Bhutan’s natural splendor and cultural treasures awaits customization, ensuring a remarkable chapter in your travel narrative. Join us in this Himalayan haven; let the Bhutan experience unfold before you, turning each page of your

Bhutan itinerary into a tale of beauty, culture, and joy.