Staycations in Bhutan
Soothing Staycations in Bhutan

Bhutan has a wealth of beautiful natural scenery, intriguing historical places, and magical tales to soothe the mind, body, and spirit. Staycations in Bhutan can provide you with soul-satisfying, calming memories that will last a lifetime. In Bhutan, where frantic urban life is only getting started, time moves slowly, and nature soothes the soul.

Bhutan is the ideal Shangri-la to restore your inner calm after spending many years working hard in the city.

1. Como Uma Paro 

Staycations in Bhutan
Como Uma Paro

The magnificent Como Uma features 20 opulent rooms and 9 private villas that showcase the finest Bhutanese architectural marvels. It is tucked away on a forested mountainside in the Paro valley, allowing you to truly feel one with nature. 

You can wake up to freshly brewed Suja and savor the gorgeous picturesque view of misty clouds floating over the crest of the Alps while enjoying a quiet staycation at this upscale resort. 

Bask in the much-needed slumber while listening to the soothing pink noise of nature.

During the day, you can engage in a leisure stroll of the Paro Valley’s tiny hamlets and visit the local farmer’s market before returning to the comfort of your luxurious hotel for soulful Bhutanese delicacies. 

Redefine your holiday with a fantastic BBQ dinner in a chic outdoor setting framed by colorful prayer flags and pine trees. 

During this genuine Bhutanese experience, chefs will grill regional favorites like momos and homemade buckwheat noodles for you to enjoy with seasonal side salads. Meanwhile, you can enjoy live music and mask dances, a unique culture of Bhutan! 

2. Zhiwaling Heritage

Staycations in Bhutan
Zhiwaling Heritage

Zhiwaling Heritage is a treasure trove of numerous stone structures with elaborate woodwork situated in a rural area with stunning mountain views. This luxurious hotel faces the sheer rocky cliffs surrounding the famous Tiger’s Nest Temple.

This classic Bhutanese style of massive tapered stone walls with beautiful, hand-painted façade features stand up to the soaring peaks. 

During a staycation in this resort, you can lounge around The Mad Monk Bar which offers the après ski ambiance of a Swiss chalet with your loved ones as you warm yourselves up near a stone fireplace.

Immerse yourself in a luxurious spa to find the harmony between your mind, body, and soul with the traditional outdoor hot-stone bath before you retreat to the comfort of your room for a night of well-deserved beauty sleep.

3. Gangtey Goempa Lodge

Staycations in Bhutan
Gangtey Goempa Lodge

There are just twelve suites at the lodge, so it’s no surprise that the service is indeed very well-tailored to your liking. Each suite features a built-in fireplace and a bathtub in the center of the space with the best view of the surrounding natural beauty!

With its stunning design and expansive view of the Phobjikha valley, Gangtey Goenpa Lodge offers the weary traveler the ideal fusion of luxury via adventure, spiritual enlightenment, and intimate ties with the culture of rural Bhutan.

Their authentic experiences allow you to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones, from spiritual blessings and community engagement to physical and mental restoration.

Their traditional woodshed below the main lodge with panoramic views of the valley is perfect for a more private and individualized dining experience. Rejoice in a romantic candlelit supper by the warm Bukhari or a leisurely brunch in the late morning while you take in the resoundingly vast and beautiful sky.

Take a breathtaking “Gangtey 360° hike” up through jade-colored bamboo plants that tower above, the 3,400-meter meditation cliff. 

The unobstructed vistas of the Gangtey Valley far below and the Himalayan peaks to the north are your reward when you reach the summit. Enjoy a celebratory meal with breathtaking views before returning to the resort after an easy hour’s hike.

Unwind with a soothing in-suite massage by the fire after spending the day exploring our lovely valley.

4. Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary

Staycations in Bhutan
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary

The Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is a true home away from home, not your typical hotel. It offers a spiritual and emotional journey that is closer to a pilgrimage than a regular luxury holiday.

Here, you can enjoy the finest things Bhutan has to offer, all within the safety of the three-foot-thick walls and a massive courtyard with prayer wheels that are modeled by old dzongs (fortresses). So, if you have ever wondered about how it would feel to live like royalty in Bhutan, this is your chance to experience something truly unique. 

From unfiltered views of the Neyphu Valley and the historic Eutok Samdrupcholing Goenpa to the handcrafted Bhutanese décor, you will truly find comfort in this grand fortress. 

During your soothing staycation in this resort, you will meet with one of the two in-house Bhutanese traditional medicine specialists from Thimphu’s Faculty of Traditional Medicine. They will provide a comprehensive wellness program to help you attain a healthy balance of body, mind, and spirit.

While the resort offers all the luxuries you would expect from a high-end resort, their “Kunye,” traditional massage, and “Numtsug,” a hot oil compression, are signature therapies that will help you heal from your daily adventures. 

Not only that, but you can also use art therapy and express your creativity by making ceramics or painting with the help of an in-house teacher.

Go on a leisurely stroll, have a picnic while appreciating the valley, visit the nearby student monks, or try archery and Bhutanese darts!

5. Amankora Bhutan

Staycations in Bhutan
Amankora Bhutan

Amankora’s five lodges are located in the central and western valleys of Bhutan, which has been a part of the Dragon Kingdom for 20 years. 

Each sanctuary was created to complement its breathtaking surroundings, dedicated to offering an unmatched experience.

The 76 suites at the five lodges, which are surrounded by orchards and forests, have a mix of rustic and contemporary decor that you will not find anywhere else in Bhutan.

Simple, exquisite retreats that are as tranquil and timeless as the nation they belong to can be found in the five beautiful valleys that make up Amankora’s Lodges. Each one has a distinct personality and provides guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is perfect for your trip to Bhutan.

Amankora Bhutan allows visitors to see Bhutan’s stunning beauty through immersive cultural experiences and personal visits to dzongs, monasteries, and other sacred sites. 

Try The Tiger’s Odyssey, a three-night excursion designed by Amankora that serves as an ideal introduction to Bhutan and offers a fascinating look at its natural and cultural landmarks, including the Tiger’s Nest.

6. Six Senses Bhutan

Staycations in Bhutan
Six Senses Bhutan

One of the most famous and well-known luxury hotel brands in the world, Six Senses has five different lodges in Bhutan, each more magnificent than the last. 

The cutting-edge wellness philosophy is embedded in every Six Senses facility to make each visitor’s stay a soothing one. 

Surrounded by apple orchards, and pine trees, and seeing the brilliant lights of Thimphu, it is proudly perched on a beautiful hillside to give you a breathtaking view of the city lights at night. 

With its elegant architecture and exterior ponds reflecting the clouds above, it is a palace in the sky.

A total of 16 suites and 4 villas, each with wood paneling and sophisticated furnishings that mix in with the surroundings and promote a peaceful frame of mind perfect for your vacation, give off a calming image throughout.

The ideal starting point for exploring nature and soaking up the peace of a little-known part of the world is Six Senses.

Our bodies crave change when life becomes predictable, and a soothing staycation in Bhutan will do that and more. A 6-day soothing staycation in Bhutan will make you more rejuvenated than 6 months in grand hotels in bigger cities.  

With Karma Bhutan, you can choose your favorite staycations that ultimately will heal your body, mind, and soul. Be confident that visiting Bhutan is a once-in-a-lifetime event rather than just an escape from your busy life!