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Bhutan is a fantastic country to make memories. The Buddhist kingdom is one of the last places on earth that is untouched by the modern world. It’s culture and identity intact in the changing modernized world. Bhutanese licensed tour agencies deliver everything you might need during your luxury Bhutan holiday and tours for 2021/22.
Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world known for preserving culture and the environment. They proved their love for the environment by being the only carbon-negative countries in the world. Furthermore, Bhutan has a world record of planting 49,672 trees in one hour by a team of 100 volunteers on 2 June 2015, which is celebrated as social forestry day.
popular tourist destinations. Bhutan is known for the way it preserves its culture. Hence, the title "Last Shangri La." Bhutan is well known to be the happiest country and is working towards achieving it by following the Gross National Happiness policy over Gross Domestic Policy. 

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Aside from the fact that it is difficult to adjust to new circumstances, many people believe it is difficult to immerse themselves in local culture and establish new friends. This might cause a strong desire to adapt to a new environment.