Luxury Bhutan
Magnificent Punakha Dzong- the ancient winter capital of Bhutan

Let’s venture into the luxury Bhutan Tour Packages. Bhutan, the land of thunder dragon, is one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists. Its unique cultural identity, Gross National Happiness, and sustainable environment put the country on top for traveling. Bhutan is rich in biodiversity as its constitution mandates 60% of forest cover at all times. Bhutan holds the record of being the only carbon-negative country in the world. Do you wish to visit Bhutan? Let’s venture into the luxurious Bhutan Tour Packages.

5 Days Himalayan Adventure at Uma, Paro valley 

Luxury Bhutan
The Luxurious Uma Resort in Paro Valley

Enjoy Bhutan’s unprecedented vistas, unique culture, and heritage in four-nights luxury Bhutan tour packages. Uma, a luxurious resort in Paro valley, accommodates you with unique Bhutanese cuisine and local beverages (western cuisine is optional). The professional guides will lead you to various ancient monasteries (Tiger Nest, Kyichu Lhakhang, and Kila nunnery), the national museum, and the Paro Rinpung Dzong (fortress). Experience the cool breeze and fresh atmosphere while hiking to Chelela, the highest road pass. Enjoy the serene (greenery, blossoms, and pines) of the distant Haa Valley from Klia nunnery. Flyback with full of memories and satisfaction from a tiny nation.

Day 1: Venturing the land of thunder dragon via Paro International Airport

Luxury Bhutan
Landing in Paro valley- the most extended plain in Bhutan

The luxurious trip begins as soon as you land in Bhutan. A pleasing atmosphere and warm welcome with unique Bhutanese tradition will overwhelm you. Ten minutes drive to the luxurious Uma resort awaits the fabulous Bhutanese cuisine. A professional guide will lead you for a short walk towards stupendous Rinpung Dzong across the crystalline meandering river (Pa Chhu) through the cinematic fishless bridge (Nyamai Zam). Towards evening you can shop the handmade souvenirs and unique Bhutanese products in bustling Paro town. The photography session is lovely after the warm dinner as your best luxury service travel provider will delineate the entire plans during your stay in Bhutan- the last Shangri-la.

Day 2: Exploring the Paro Valley

Luxury Bhutan
Paro Rinpung Dzong (Fotress on Jwells)

The hike through the pine forests towards Zurig Lakhang (temple) is lovely as you can enjoy the serene Paro Valley from the top. Witness the ancient artifacts in the National museum as you descend the valley. Your professional guides will lead you to visit the Kyichu Lakhang (oldest temple). You can experience the unique Buddhist tradition and witness the magical orange tree (It bears orange throughout the year). The second-day luxurious trip ends by visiting the ancient Drukgyel Dzong. You will be amazed by the mythical ancient architecture of Bhutan.

Day 3: Drive to Chelea pass and a short hike to Kila Nunnery

Luxury Bhutan
Chelela Pass- the highest road pass in Bhutan

Experience the beauty of the blue pine and different species of rhododendron while ascending to Chelela pass 3,988m (35 km drive on mighty hills). Enjoy the freezing breeze and witness the peak of Mount Jumolhari (2nd highest peak in Bhutan). You won’t divert your attention from the highland yaks and beautiful flowers as you descend (2 hours hike) to Kila Goemba (ancient nunnery on the mountainside). Relax with a hot mineral stone bath at your luxurious hotel as you visualize the next adventure.

Day 4: Hike to the Taktshang Monastery

Luxury Bhutan
Precariously built magnificent Paro Taktsang (Tiger Nest)

Paro Taktsang (Tiger Nest) is a sacred Vajrayana Himalayan Buddhist monastery precariously built-in 1692 on the upper Paro valley’s cliffs. Tiger Nest firmly stands at 10,232 feet. The four miles of sloppy wide dirt trails taking 4 to 5 hours for a round trip. While ascending the hills, you will come across wild Gray Langurs and the rich vegetation of the only carbon-negative country in the world. Meditation sessions and horse riding is a beautiful adventure while ascending the hills. You will feel great accomplishment as you reach the viewpoint and enjoy the beautiful vista of Paro valley. You will experience the cool Himalayan breeze swirling over your face to signify you are in Bhutan – the paradise on earth.

Day 5: Memorial departure 

Luxury Bhutan
The only international airport in Bhutan

It’s the moment to bid farewell to the beautiful Himalayan kingdom. You fly back home with endless memories and satisfaction from the only international airport in Bhutan.

Bhutan Helicopter Adventure

Luxury Bhutan
Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services Limited

The six-night luxurious tour package takes you to the heart of the Himalayan dragon kingdom of Bhutan. This luxury trip includes every fascinating place, from the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery to Bhutan’s Divine Madman’s historic infertility temple and its unique cultural heritage. You get the opportunity to visit various stupendous artifacts of Bhutan like magnificent Punakha Dzong (fortress) and Druk Wangyel Chhortens (one hundred eight stupas). Four nights at Paro and two-night at Punakha in luxurious Uma resorts offer you high-class services and typical Bhutanese cuisine. You can explore Bhutan as you venture into three distinct valleys- the heartland of Bhutan.

Day 1: Adventurous landing to the kingdom of Bhutan

Luxury Bhutan
Adventurous landing in one of the shortest runway.

The warm greetings from your best luxurious travel provider greet you in Bhutanese tradition aa you enjoy Bhutan’s clean atmosphere. The typical Bhutanese cuisine and local beverages await you in the luxurious Uma resort. You know your professional guide as you acclimatize toward the might altitude for sightseeing. Towards evening you venture into the bustling Paro town for shopping souvenirs and Bhutanese products. Relax with a hot mineral stone bath as you dream of future adventures in Bhutan.

Day 2: Pilgrimage to various monasteries in Paro Valley

Luxury Bhutan
Paro Ta Dzong- National Museum of Bhutan

A short hike to the Zurig Lakhang through the pine forest offers the conquering vistas of Paro valley. Descending the iconic Ta Dzong (National Museum), you can witness miraculous ancient artifacts of Bhutan. You will visit the spectacular Rinpung Dzong across the meandering Paro river. Your professional guide will lead you to Kyichu Lakhang- the ancient temple of Bhutan. The second-day luxurious trip will conclude by visiting the Drukgyel Dzong (Fortress built by the founder of Bhutan Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in 1648) to the north of Paro Valley.

Day 3: Luxurious helicopter adventure begins (Paro to Punakha)

Luxury Bhutan
Laya Village- The hidden paradise of Bhutan

At the elevation of 3800m, you will fly across the beautiful Laya Village- the hidden paradise. Layups pay annual homage to their protective deities, who turned the stones and trees into soldiers to repel the Tibetan invaders in ancient times. You can enjoy the view of various mountains like Tshendag Gang (6,994m), Gangchen Tag (6,784m), and Khang Bum (6,494m). Riding a yak towards Laya temple is a beautiful outdoor adventure to experience. Twenty minutes drive from Zomlingthang after a fabulous picnic, take you to Luxurious Uma resort in Punakha- the ancient winter capital of Bhutan.

Day 4: Exploring the Punakha Valley- the ancient winter capital of Bhutan

Luxury Bhutan
Chimi Lakhang- the historic fertility temple

Enjoy the serenity of paddy fields and farmhouse as you hike towards Chimmi Lakhang. The historic fertility temple was built in the 15th century in dedication to the great saint Lam Drukpa Kuenley- Divine madman. It is the pilgrimage site for infertile couples to bless with their kind. 

Your professional guide will lead you to the third-century artifact- the magnificent Punakha dzong that firmly stands today. It is the winter home for Je Khenpo (the chief abbot of Bhutan) and the central monastic body. You can take a refreshing evening walk through farmlands and homesteads to Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten- the iconic stupa built by Bhutan’s benevolent Royal Family.

Day 5: Experiencing the bird’s eye view of the Himalayan kingdom- Punakha to Paro

Luxury Bhutan
Druk Wangyel Chhortens (108 stupas)

The flight from Zomlingthang to Paro Valley offers a breathtaking series of Druk Wangyel Chorten, Dochula Pass, Mount Jumolhari, and Bhutan’s western border china.

As you fly higher in the permanent snowline of the rugged Himalayas, a fantastic turquoise lake appears amongst these peaks. While descending to Paro Valley, the aerial view of the precariously built Paro Taktshang and ancient Drukgyel dzong welcomes Paro valley.

You can enjoy archery (national sports of Bhutan) or relax for acclimatization.

Day 6: Hike to the heart of paradise – Tiger Nest

Luxury Bhutan
Snow covers Tiger Nest during winter.

The name “Tiger Nest” is derived from the historical anecdote where Guru Rinpoche (second Buddha) rode on a tigress from Tibet to the cave. Paro Taktsang is precariously built-in 1692 on the cliffs of the upper Paro valley in dedication to Guru Rinpoche. The elevation of 10,232 feet or four miles of sloppy wide dirt trails takes 5 to 6 hours for a round trip. You will witness wild Gray Langurs and the rich vegetation while ascending the mighty hills. Meditation sessions and horse riding is a joyful adventure while climbing the rugged cliffs. In a midway, Cafeteria offers an ideal place for relaxation and a perfect spot for iconic photoshoots. You will experience great accomplishment as you reach the top- the paradise on earth.

Day 7: Unforgettable departure

Luxury Bhutan
The thrilling take off from the only international airport in Bhutan

You will realize the unforgettable impressions of the Bhutanese people’s kindness as your best luxurious travel provider, and the professional guides bid you goodbye. You will fly back home full of memories and satisfaction from the mighty Himalayan kingdom- the land of the thunder dragon.

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