Top 10 Hotels In Bhutan for your unforgettable trip.

Are you planning a trip to Bhutan? Though Bhutan is one of the smallest countries globally, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Bhutan is known for the way it preserves its culture. Hence, the title “Last Shangri La.” Bhutan is well known to be the happiest country and is working towards achieving it by following the Gross National Happiness policy over Gross Domestic Policy. 

The Kingdom follows the policy of  Gross National Happiness GNH, which includes the protection of the environment, and with it, Bhutan has earned the title of “world’s first carbon-negative country” in the world. Bhutan has a strict constituency to maintain its forest coverage above 60%. According to The World Bank data 2020, the forest coverage is 71.4%. 

Even though Bhutan is a small country sandwiched between two giant countries China and India, it never backs out from giving Bhutan luxury adventures to tourists. If Bhutan is on your bucket list, here are the top hotels in Bhutan to make your adventures more memorable. 

  1. Six Senses Punakha.

Majestic views of Six Senses Punakha.

What can be more exotic than resting in peace and viewing a majestic view of the environment, and having beautiful architecture makes it even more worth the visit? Moreover, Six Senses Punakha has 19 villas and suites ranging from 721 square feet for Lodge Suites to 2,949 square feet for the Three-Bedroom Villa. It has facilities ranging from suites, villas, pools, boutiques, yoga, and meditation huts. 

One of the highlights about Six Senses Punakha is the majestic Punakha dzong. It is the second oldest dzong, popularly known as the palace of great happiness. Bhutan travel adventures also provide rafting and kayaking to tourists. The weather is also favorable compared to other Six Senses Hotels located in and around Bhutan.

  1. Como Uma Paro.

Experience the luxury travel Bhutan with COMO Uma Paro.

The COMO Uma Paro, with an exceptional setting in the Paro Valley, this 29-room resort features Bhutan’s most exclusive private villas. This resort’s architecture is mixed with local artisanship with contemporary style, making it more attractive. There are various activities for tourists ranging from yoga to Himalayan camping adventures.

Paro is known for numerous religious sites which attract many tourists every year. Of the many popular religious sites located in Paro, the popular Paro Taktsang( also known as Tiger’s nest) is at the top of the list. So for a luxury trip to Bhutan, explore Paro and enjoy your stay at COMO Uma Paro with the help of  luxury travel Bhutan.

  1. Como Uma Punakha.

Enjoy quality time with your loved ones in COMO Uma Punakha.

Como Uma Punakha is known for the great service of its staff. Among hotels in Punakha, the Uma staff stand out for their commitment to making your holiday memorable. Whether you’re traveling alone, with a spouse, friends, or family, they are focused on giving a great experience to everyone with an overnight stay and promise to immerse you in the local culture.

  1. Gangtey Lodge.

Peaceful Gangtey Lodge in Bhutan.

Phobjikha valley is a very popular tourist destination, especially because of its iconic landscapes. The Gangtey Lodge, with its eight suites, is perched on a forested knoll with views of the valley level and the 16th-century Gangtey Goemba monastery. King-size beds, traditional wood-burning stoves, and banquette window seats are among the amenities at Gangtey Lodge.

What makes it more special is a captivating Black Mountains National Park wildlife reserve for where every winter, the valley is home to a flock of 300 endangered black-neck cranes. 

  1. Taj Tashi.

First five star hotel in Bhutan, Taj Tashi.

Taj Tashi was opened in 2008 and is the first five-star hotel in Bhutan. The hotel is a joint venture between Taj Leisure Hotels, an Indian hotel behemoth, and the local Tashi business. It has 66 spacious rooms and suites designed to embody the essence of Bhutanese art and architecture, with views of the beautiful mountains and townships.

One of Taj Tashi Bhutan’s special features is a typical Bhutanese-themed- dinner to elevate the dining experience. Guests are offered to wear the Bhutanese attire Gho for men and Kira for women. All the guests love this because it lets them enjoy a truly immersive experience of Bhutanese culture.

  1. Amankora Bumthang.

Bhutan luxury adventures begin with luxury Amankora Bumthang.

Bumthang is home to 29 temples and monasteries. It’s the best place for tourists who are interested in exploring beautiful religious sites. The 16-suite Amankora Bumthang Lodge is located in Jakar, next to the Wangdicholing Palace. Guests can embark on various cultural and spiritual adventures from here, including the spectacular 108-butter lamp offering at Taktsang Monastery.

King-size beds, classic wood-burning stoves, and banquette window seats are among the amenities, while bathrooms have terrazzo-clad bathtubs, twin vanities, a separate shower, and a toilet.

  1. Amankora Punakha.

Get yourself immersed with the beauty of nature in Amankora Punakha.

Amankora Punakha is located in the subtropical Punakha valley. They have a beautiful view of an orange orchard and rice terraces. They provide the facilities like king-size beds, classic wood-burning stoves, and banquette window seats are standard in all rooms. At the same time, bathrooms have terrazzo-clad bathtubs, twin vanities, and separate showers and toilets.

  1. Amankora Gangtey.

Luxury accommodation at Amankora Gangtey.

It’s the smallest of the 5 Amankoras, but that means it’s the most intimate, secluded of them all. The view of the valley is so enchanting where you can spend a good time just staring out into that absurdly picturesque valley with the monastery perched above it in the hills. The extravagance of their service is mind-blowing. 

The amenities include dinner in a shed away from the main lodge and a hot stone bath. You can also get the chance to play archery which is a Bhutanese national game. 

  1. Amankora Paro.

Make your trip more delightful with lavish Amankora Paro. 

Hiking and cycling are perhaps the greatest ways to see the breathtaking scenery, and each lodge provides a comprehensive list of activities and routes. They provide guests with a top ten list of activities to try in each location.

  1. Amankora Thimphu.

Get lost with the beautiful traditional Bhutanese architecture of  Amankora Thimphu.

The 16-suite Lodge of Amankora Thimphu is located at the upper reaches of the Motithang area. The architecture is in the style of a traditional dzong fortress. One can explore the beautiful city of Bhutan and wild Himalayan landscapes. Like any other Amankora, amenities include king-size beds, traditional wood-burning stoves, and banquette window seats.

There are even facilities like hiking and cycling where you can explore the incredible landscape. And that is not all; guests will be given an option to choose a top ten list of experiences to try in each locality.

These are the top 10 hotels in Bhutan. So pack your bags with your loved ones and explore the best of Bhutan. Get options with your choice of places to visit the majestic kingdom. Make your Bhutan travel adventures the best one yet.