The most powerful passport to travel the world in 2022.

A passport is necessary for international travel. Some passports, however, are regarded as “stronger” than others – offering great travel freedom. 

The most powerful passports are the ones that allow the bearer to visit most countries with ease, without the need for additional entry restrictions like visas. 

How Do You Measure a Passport’s Power? 

Before we get into rounding off the strongest passport in the world 2022, let’s look at how a passport’s strength is measured! 

Passports are issued by all sovereign countries to their people. These documents are necessary for international travel. However, many countries require tourists to have a visa in order to enter. 

In some situations, the visa policy in some countries enables certain nationalities to travel in their country without requiring a visa. This is mainly due to bilateral agreements. All that is needed is the traveler’s passport.

The more countries a visitor can visit without a visa, the stronger their passport becomes. 

The Most Strongest Passport In The World 2022. 

Japan and Singapore have the strongest passports with a visa-free score of 192.

The strongest passport in the world 2022 is those issued by Singapore, Germany, Japan, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain, South Korea, Austria, and Denmark. 

However, because these passports are tied for first place, it’s a bit tricky to rank them in succeeding order.

According to the HPI (Henley Passport Index), a global rating of countries based on their travel freedom with ordinary passports, the following countries have the strongest passports in 2022:

#1. Singapore And Japan.

Passport of Singapore And Japan.

The recent update of a global ranking shows that Singapore and Japan have the strongest passports in 2022. Passport holders from the two countries are not required to obtain a visa for traveling to different destinations. 

Japanese passport holders have visa-free travel to 193 countries, whereas Singaporean passport holders get a visa-free trip to 192 countries.

#2. South Korea. 

For many years, European countries have had the strongest passports. That honor now belongs to Asia, with Singapore wielding a strong passport that allows its bearers to travel to 190 countries without having to deal with advanced visa processes. 

South Korean Passport

#3. Germany.  

Along with South Korea, Germany ranks on the world’s second-strongest passport in 2022. A German passport makes you eligible to visit 190 countries without first obtaining a visa.

In the past decade of passport rankings, Germany has continuously been in the first three positions. 

German passport

#4. Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain.  

With passports from Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain, you can travel to more than 180 countries totally visa-free. 

Undeniably, being a passport holder from a European country brings many benefits when traveling because these countries’ passports rank among the top ten most valued passports in the world.

Passport’s of Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain

#5. Austria, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Sweden. 

The Austrian passport, along with those of the Danes, French, Dutch, and Swedes, ranks fifth with visa-free access to nearly 188 countries. 

Passport’s of Austria, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Sweden

#6. Ireland And Portugal.

Ireland and Portugal are two countries that have a lot in common. 

According to the passport rankings, Ireland and Portugal are tied for 6th place. Citizens of these nations are eligible for visa-free travel to 187 countries. 

Passport’s of Ireland And Portugal

#7. Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

The citizens of Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the U.K, and the U.S. have easy access to over 186 countries without dealing with visa requirements and restrictions. 

Passport’s of Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

#8. Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta 

The passports from Australia, Canada, The Czech Republic, Greece, and Malta are the 8th strongest in the world – it provides you with travel freedom to more than 180 countries, visa-free or by obtaining a visa upon arrival.  

Passport’s of Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta

#9. Hungary and Poland. 

In the HPI rankings, Hungary and Poland are equal for the eighth position. These countries’ people rarely need visas, and they can travel to 183 countries visa-free.  

Passport’s of Hungary and Poland

#10. The Slovak Republic And Lithuania 

Lithuania and Slovakia are members of the EU and are vying for the next rank. Holding these passports enables you to have visa-free entry to 182 countries.

Passport’s of The Slovak Republic And Lithuania

#11. Estonia, Latvia, and Slovenia  

These countries are close behind Lithuania and Slovakia. According to HPI passport rankings, these countries’ passports allow visa-free entry to 181 countries.  

Passport’s of Estonia, Latvia, and Slovenia

Which Countries Have The Weakest Passports?  

Republic of Afghanistan has the weakest passport with access to only 28 countries

Afghanistan has the weakest passport for travel freedom in the world (more so what the statistics show), and it is ranked 111th. Only 26 nations allow Afghans to enter without a visa. Iraq is next, with its citizens having access to only 28 countries.  

Following Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan have the weakest passports to travel freely around the world.  

Syria, Pakistan, and Yemen nationals have visa-free access to 29, 31, and 33 countries.   

There you have it! These are the countries in the world with the strongest passports in 2022. The list we’ve provided is based on the number of countries each passport bearer can visit without a visa. 

To brush up on your memory, the world’s most powerful passports in 2022 are those issued by Japan and Singapore. No matter the nationality you are free to travel around this beautiful world we have. In the spirit of travel, eliminating language barriers, understanding people, culture and religion and discovering yourself in a fun way. We offer you a free visa to Bhutan.

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