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 Punakha Valley - One of the Places to visit in Bhutan.
Punakha Valley – One of the Places to visit in Bhutan.

Surrounded by magnificent architecture and lush sceneries, Bhutan is a country that will leave you wanting more! Bhutan, studded with monasteries, magnificent locations, wildlife reserves, and beautiful green valleys, has something for everyone. 

Apart from being one of two only carbon-negative countries, Bhutan is also a place where rich and ancient Buddhist culture meets majestic fortresses, making Bhutan the perfect travel destination for people who want to experience a different dimension!

From the 20 districts in Bhutan, let’s look at the 7 places to visit in Bhutan; this will help you narrow down the places for your family trip to Bhutan.

1. Bumthang: Hidden Valley Like the Swiss.

 Bumthang Ideal for a family trip in Bhutan.
Bumthang Ideal for a family trip in Bhutan.

The cultural heart of Bhutan, the district of Bumthang, is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit. Legends have it that there are numerous secret valleys in this region concealed from the outside world so that devout people might seek refuge during times of need.

Besides the hidden valleys, Bumthang is popularly known as Little Swiss because of the lush grandeur evergreen mountains. Bumthang is one of the places to visit in Bhutan and experience the paradise-effect in person. 

2. Gangtey: In The Most Beautiful Valley of Bhutan.

Gantey Gonpa is one of the places to visit in Bhutan.
Gantey Gonpa is one of the places to visit in Bhutan.

Phobjikha Valley, also acclaimed as the most beautiful and serene valley in Bhutan, is home to Gangtey; one of the places to visit in Bhutan. Similar to other travel spots in Bhutan, Gangtey also has a rich spiritual ambiance, with multiple monasteries spread across Phobjikha Valley. 

Gangtey is known for its magnificent Gangtey Gonpa, treks, and cozy lodges. Whether traveling alone or on a family trip to Bhutan, Gangtey will leave you in awe. 

Gangtey Gonpa annually holds the Black Necked-Crane festival at the courtyard, where hundreds of visitors witness magnificent dances and plays to educate visitors about the black necked-cranes. 

In the Phobjikha Valley, which encompasses the Gangtey Gonpa, Gangtey treks are a popular tourist attraction. It is a popular trekking path among international trekkers. The trek starts from the Gonpa and passes through Kumbu, Gedachen, and Khebayathang villages and ends at the Kungathang Monastery. Gangtey Nature Trail is another trek that begins from the Mani Stone Wall and ends in Khewa Lhakhang. 

As the place is a popular tourist destination, Gangtey has plenty of lodges and homestays to make your luxury travel to Bhutan even better. 

3. Haa: A Hiking Paradise.

Your Luxury travel to Bhutan takes you to the hidden valley.
Your Luxury travel to Bhutan takes you to the hidden valley.

If you visit Bhutan and don’t stop in Haa, you didn’t visit Bhutan. Although this valley has one of the smallest populations in Bhutan, it is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it an ideal gathering spot for nature lovers.

Due to the great trails across the area, this region is also a mecca for hikers and bikers. The greatest feature of this location is that it is somewhat less crowded, and the path that goes to the valley provides an unrivaled view of the Mt. Jhomolhari.

From Trout Farm to holistic Lhakhang Karpo and Nagpo (White and Black Lhakhang) and hillside hikes, Haa is one of the places to visit in Bhutan

4. Paro: Gateway To Bhutan. 

Take a  family trip to Bhutan by flying into Paro Valley.

The exquisite, traditional-style residences that populate the valley and neighboring hills add to the natural splendor. One of the most distinguishing qualities of Paro town is that it is laid out in a grid-like arrangement on a flat valley bottom. 

A massive prayer wheel and a modest theater embellish the center square, which hosts events throughout the year. 

Paro Dzongkhag is home to over 155 monasteries and temples dating back to the 14th century. The beautiful district is also home to the only international airport. Due to its closeness to the region’s historical and religious landmarks, many elegant, high-end tourist resorts have sprung, making Paro one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Apart from housing the only international airport and monasteries, Paro Valley is home to the iconic landmark Taktsang Monastery. Ta Dzong, the national museum, is also located in Paro. An old watchtower displaying hundreds of ancient Bhutanese artifacts and artwork, including traditional clothing, armor, artillery, and handmade everyday living objects.

Drugyel Dzong is another must-see in Paro. It was built in 1646 to honor Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal’s victory over raiding Tibetan troops. The fortress was destroyed by fire in 1951, and now has been revived to its former glory in the name of the crown prince of Bhutan. 

5. Punakha: The Winter Capital. 

Longest suspension bridge in Bhutan.
Longest suspension bridge in Bhutan.

Punakha is elegantly tied to significant historical events in Bhutan, from being the first capital of Bhutan to hosting the country’s first National Assembly. Punakha Fortress is the second oldest and the largest fortress in the country. 

Punakha is also one of the places to visit in Bhutan for white water rafting, perfect for thrill-seekers and walking through the longest suspension bridge in the country. 

6. Thimphu: The Capital.

The Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu.
The Capital of Bhutan – Thimphu.

Thimphu is the nation’s capital; the lively tiny city serves as the country’s principal center of business, religion, and government. Thimphu’s combination of old history and modernity makes it a perfect destination for solo travelers and those on a family trip to Bhutan looking to take a break from their tour schedule and immerse themselves in current Bhutanese culture.

Thimphu has multiple attractions, such as the National Post Office, Takin Preserve, Tango & Cheri Monasteries, and Memorial Chorten, to name a few. 

Religion, customs, national dress code, monastic activities, music, dance, literature, and the media characterize Bhutanese culture in Thimphu. Tshechu is a major celebration during which mask dances, known as Chams, are performed in the courtyards of Tashichho Dzong.

7. Trongsa: The Balcony Of Bhutan.  

Trongsa Dzong is one of the places to visit in Bhutan. 
Trongsa Dzong is one of the places to visit in Bhutan. 

Trongsa is perched on a high mountain with panoramic views of the vast valleys that surround it. The balconies of the numerous hotels and guesthouses all provide breathtaking views. Since it is built on a steep slope, Trongsa Dzong is instantly seen wherever in town and is usually a stunning sight.

Trongsa is an amazing place to learn about Bhutan’s history, with an old watchtower converted into a museum. Among the many attractions in this charming town, the Trongsa Dzong, shaped like a flying dragon, is a must-see. Trongsa Dzong, Ta Dzong, Chendebji Chorten, Kuenga Rabten, Chökhor Raptse Dzong, and Thruepang Palace are all tourist destinations.

These are 7 places to visit in Bhutan! You can visit all 7 places during your first trip to Bhutan  to experience the unique customs of each place.

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