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An enchanting Bhutan Private Jet Journey

Are you ready to immerse yourself in Bhutan’s unique culture and marvel at centuries-old landscapes during your trip with Bhutan Private Jet?

Flying is more than just a means of getting from point A to point B; it is an essential element of what makes your vacation luxurious

Why not fly in style with charter flights and get a bird’s-eye view of the changing rice fields during your luxury trip to Bhutan? Bhutan charter flights provide convenience, comfort, privacy, specialized services, and luxury.

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Experience first-class every time you fly with our list of the kingdom’s top Bhutan charter flight destinations.

1. Paro Valley: The Enigmatic Mix of Traditional & Modern 

Bhutan Private Jet
The enigmatic mix of traditional and modern

The allure of Paro valley extends from the alluring Wang Chhu River to the lofty Mt. Jomolhari, and it is known for its blend of historic charm and modern luxury dining.

Upon landing, you can treat yourself to a selection of local delicacies that will make your taste buds sing while relaxing in one of Paro’s many luxurious resorts amidst natural beauty. 

When you’re ready to start traversing this majestic valley, a stroll through the vibrant and lively Paro Craft Market for the finest Bhutanese handicrafts is a must. 

From stepping back in time at the National Museum of Bhutan, which houses century-old religious artifacts, to a wine-tasting local artisan brewery perched on a ridge overlooking the beautiful valley, Paro valley only has the best of everything.

Bhutan Private Jet Journey To Paro Valley

Bhutan Private Jet
Paro International Airport

This picturesque valley is also home to the only international airport in Bhutan. Flying into and out of this captivating valley, dotted with monasteries, temples, and scenic spots is an unforgettable experience on its own.

Due to Bhutan’s signature winding valleys, Bhutan charter flights will seamlessly weave through the valleys and give you a heart-pumping close-up of the traditional Bhutanese houses spotted around the valley. 

The views of the clear blue waters of the Paro river and the lush green foliage of the Himalayas are simply breathtaking as you fly into the country. 

2. Bumthang: Bhutan’s Spiritual Heartland

Bhutan Private Jet
Rediscover yourself among the glacial region

Bumthang valley is teeming with valuable and ancient Buddhist sites, making it Bhutan’s religious center, home to some of the country’s oldest Buddhist temples. 

Immerse yourself in this little slice of paradise and take in all that this fairytale region has to offer. This picturesque and quaint region carved by ancient glaciers is a tourist paradise with its undulating terrain and myriad dotted temples. 

This majestic valley serves as a religious and soul-soothing gateway for tourists and Bhutanese alike. People from all over the kingdom come to this tiny region by taking long drives to reenergize and find peace among the enchanting nature.

Bumthang combines a glacial paradise with modern luxuries. Explore its numerous museums and historical sites that date back centuries. 

Bhutan Private Jet Journey To Bumthang Valley

Bhutan Private Jet
Bumthang Airport

Chartering a flight to Bumthang is one of the most soul-cleansing experiences you can have, from refreshing yourself in one of any luxury resorts to visiting neighboring valleys for traditional delicacies.

Jakar valley is also home to one of three domestic airports in the country. The Bathpalathang domestic airport greets you with a panoramic view of the serene and relaxing valley with stunning architecture.

As you fly into the Jakar valley, you will see the renowned Castle of White Bird, also known as Jakar Dzong, and be greeted by amazing traditional and modern architectural landscapes.

3. Yonphula, Tashigang: Home To Sky Fortress 

Bhutan Private Jet
The Sky Fortress

Upon landing in Yonphula, you must see the imposing 17th-century Tashigang fortress, also known as the Sky Dzong, due to its strategic location at the top of a hill that overlooks the Dangmechu River.

Another way to make your Bhutan trip unique is to visit the weaving center that still practices the age-old art of handloom weaving. You will witness the creation of authentic Bhutanese textiles with ancient indigenous weaving and dyeing techniques.

Another attraction on your Bhutan trip that may pique your interest is a visit to Radhi village, the rice bowl of the east. Not only will you be greeted with endless fields of rice, but this tiny village also produces the finest raw silk textiles in Bhutan using the traditional backstrap loom and traditional dyes.

Bhutan Private Jet Journey To Yonphula Airport

Bhutan Private Jet
Yonphula Airport

Travel to the least visited eastern region of Bhutan in style by chartering flights to Yonphula under the Tashigang district. 

Flying into Yonphula airport is like watching a 30-minute scenic short film from your window, with tall Himalayan peaks in the distance, dreamy clouds passing by your face, and rugged green mountains, virgin forests, beautiful waterfalls, and sleepy villages rolling beneath you.

4. Gelephu: Experience Bhutan’s Southern Hospitality 

Bhutan Private Jet
Gelephu; Bhutan’s southern allure

Can you find peace of mind while away from the outside world? Or would you prefer to spend time in a location that allows you to travel back in time with nature? Visit Bhutan’s trade hub, Gelephu, and you’ll find all the answers!

Unlike other destinations in Bhutan, which are mostly in the hills, Gelephu has more flat terrain. Located on the outskirts of Royal Manas National Park, it is famous for its hot springs or ‘tshachu,’ which is said to have medicinal properties. 

On your Bhutan trip, be sure to enjoy the benefits of the ancient hot stone baths with a fantastic view by taking a dip. You can also experience an exclusive tour of the AWP distillery allows visitors to experience and observe how Bhutanese liquors are crafted.

Bhutan Private Jet Journey To Gelephu Airport

Bhutan Private Jet
Gelephu Airport

Gelephu is home to the fourth airport in Bhutan, where you can charter flights and travel in luxury. 

Flying into Gelephu gives you a taste of Bhutan’s southern charm, surrounded by flat terrain and close to the Royal Manas National Park and Gelephu town. 

The small town in Southern Bhutan is encircled by lush forests that also provide a glimpse of the nearby country of India. During a luxurious vacation to Bhutan, you are treated to a bird’s-eye view of this breathtaking sight as you fly into Gelephu airport.

You will experience these serene locations that appear to be straight out of a book, but they are all authentic experiences waiting to be discovered.

However, as you will soon discover, this is just an aperitif to the à la carte menu of attractions to come. Bhutan’s glacial region certainly packs a punch with its towering temples and religious artifacts dating back centuries.

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