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You’ve discovered the person who encourages you, accepts you for who you are, and you have decided to spend the rest of your life with that person. For many, marriage is the logical first step, and the honeymoon is an exciting introduction to married life. Arranging a romantic getaway in a foreign place can be overwhelming, but it will become one of your most enjoyable days together if planned correctly. 

Are you thinking of going to Bhutan for your honeymoon? There aren’t many people that go to Bhutan on their honeymoon, with its lovely and romantic places to visit. Ensure that you understand how to arrange this type of honeymoon properly. It would be best if you also considered the time of year you plan to visit Bhutan to ensure that your honeymoon will be one to remember.

Bhutan is an ideal honeymoon destination if your idea of a romantic honeymoon differs from the usual. It is a top choice for many couples and honeymooners who enjoy traveling. When you choose Bhutan as your vacation destination, your honeymoon becomes, even more, special and romantic.

It allows you to take a romantic stroll through the green forests on the high mountains,  discover new majestic landmarks, and enjoy by gazing at the beauty of fertile valleys.

Plan a Delightfully Romantic Honeymoon

Walk the bridge into Bhutan your perfect honeymoon destination

Tourists that visit Bhutan are familiar with Bhutan holidays and their brilliant and colorful events. It has become more famous, with many tourists choosing the kingdom as a perfect honeymoon location. Following are how to plan for a delightful romantic honeymoon in Bhutan. 

Plan for the Perfect Season

The famous Dochula Pass during the winter

From March to May, the spring season is a lovely time to visit Bhutan for both for a romantic honeymoon. Paro valley is covered in lovely flowering plants, including wild species, rhododendron variants, and many others. Paro is one of the most popular places to visit in Bhutan in the spring, with Paro Taktsang (The Tiger’s Nest) being the most visited tourist destination in the country. Several tourist attractions, including the Paro Rimpung Dzong, the Ta Dzong (Museum), and others. Plan a trek and enjoy the lovely clear night with your significant other. 

The golden autumn season in Bhutan begins after the warm monsoon season has ended when the magnificent tint of green foliage turns red and brown before dropping, transforming the landscape into a majestic golden area.

This is the perfect season to visit Bhutan since the air is clean and fresh, and the weather remains cool till the end of the year.

The peak tourist seasons in the kingdom are Spring and Fall, so if you can plan accordingly to visit the country during the peak season or the off-season for a lesser travel cost. 

Festivals and Events

Masked dance on a festival

One of the main tourist attractions towards Bhutan is its unique and evergreen festivals filled throughout the year. This is a perfect opportunity to travel for a Bhutan getaway and plan for your romantic honeymoon. Many major festivals include the Thimphu Tshechu, Punakha Dromchoe, Paro Tshechu, and Gasa Tshechu. 

Travel to the majestic Gom Kora Festival, where hundreds gather every year at the eastern side of Bhutan if you and your partner love to explore and don’t mind the crowd. Bhutan is the perfect honeymoon destination, and at the same time, you can grab the opportunity to learn about their cultural significance. 

Choose the Perfect Location 

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s on their vacation in Bhutan

There are many places to choose from when you visit Bhutan, and they never disappoint, especially if you plan to visit for your honeymoon. Some recommendations are as follows.

Paro – Paro Valley, one of Bhutan’s most historic valleys, is a must-see on your Bhutan honeymoon tour. National Museum, Rinpung Dzong stronghold, Kyinchu Lhakhang shrine, Tiger’s Nest Monastery, and Drukgyel Dzong are locations to visit and explore with your partner.

Thimphu– The country’s capital and largest city, is one of Bhutan’s most popular honeymoon destinations. The vibrant capital, complete with unique shops, museums, and well-known sites, will ensure that your honeymoon in Bhutan is one to remember.

The Tashichho Dzong, Simtokha Dzong, Dechen Phodrang, Buddha Dordenma Statue, and Memorial Chorten are among of the places to visit.

Punakha– The winters are pleasant in Punakha, and so it is best to visit Bhutan for your honeymoon in the winter.

Punakha Dzong, Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Nunnery, and Chimi Lhakhang Temple are famous sights to visit.

Bumthang: The district is home to Bhutan’s oldest temples and sacred sites. Bumthang offers a fantastic honeymoon in Bhutan, with everything from trekking to majestic valley scenes throughout the year. Kurje Lhakhang, Jakar Dzong, Burning Lake, and Ngang Lhankhag are the must visit sights.

So there you have it, whether you are planning for a cultural, laid-back, budget, or adventurous honeymoon; Bhutan is the best choice for you. 

Be open about what you want to achieve because it’s crucial that it’s something that both of you desire and like, rather than something tailored to one person; in any case, any place of time in Bhutan will not disappoint.


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