Six Senses Bhutan
Six Senses Bhutan
A Sight of Six Senses Bhutan

There are those kinds of places that are able to trigger our inner adventure instincts to explore something new and exciting. You know, those places where we become so mesmerizingly focused on exploring that we lose track of time and space. Well, welcome to Six Senses Bhutan; a destination which is now becoming very popular for discerning travelers. 

You can find your way for a luxury travel to Bhutan with many huge hotel brands present including the Aman, Como and the Six Senses. Most travelers love to visit the Six Senses lodges during a Bhutan holiday; where guests are offered a wide range of possible itineraries and lodge combinations. 

Six Senses is truly one of the world’s most exclusive and celebrated hotel brands, and in Bhutan there are five distinct lodges located in five major valleys, one more amazing than the other. Let us go through each of them and guide you through a luxury travel to Bhutan.

1. Six Senses Thimphu.

Six Senses Bhutan
A fascinating view of Six Senses Thimphu

When you think about THE TOP 11 TRAVEL TRENDS FOR LUXURY TRAVELLERS [2022]“>luxury travel to Bhutan, your journey starts in the capital Thimphu. Six Senses Thimphu calls itself a “Place in the Sky”, and it is one of the largest lodges among the five in the country. 

One of the most fascinating characters of all the Six senses in Bhutan is that each one of them showcases the diversity and special features of each valley. 

Six Senses Thimphu opened early 2019 and it sits 7,700 ft up the mountainside. The property overlooks an spectacular view of the Himalayan landscape and the capital city in the valley below.  

Every design inspiration starting from the compact pattern and even the colors for the lodge comes from the local farm house, pine forest and the architecture of Bhutan. Six sense Thimphu is an ultraluxe and serene sanctuary in the Himalayas. 

The lodge features 25 suits and villas and provides impeccable, world-class service. The decor is contemporary, with clean lines and plenty of wood paneling to make you feel at home. 

Six Senses Bhutan
The sunken terrace with a reflective water pond of the Himalayan mountain

The lobby pavilion has a large ‘sunken’ terrace that is surrounded by a massive reflective water pond of the Himalayan mountain. At the end of the terrace, there is a prayer pavilion with spectacular views of the Himalayas and Thimphu valley below.

To make your luxury travel to Bhutan more unique and accustomed to the Bhutanese culture, Six senses Thimphu features a a spa pavilion that offers massages and also Bhutanese healing practices; mixology practice that draws inspiration from local herbs and plants; the chefs at the lodge prepare healthy cuisine using only organic ingredients. 

Well that is a handful of reasons why you should consider visiting Six Senses Thimphu as your next travel destination.

2. Six Senses Punakha.

Six Senses Bhutan
The Majestic Lodge – Six Senses Punakha

Punakha is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations and The Six Senses Punkaha has one of Bhutan’s most spectacular remote settings, that adds on to make your luxury travel to Bhutan more exciting. 

The lodge is 3 hours by road from Thimphu. Placed on a steep mountainside, it overlooks the lush Punakha valley. 

Six Senses Bhutan
Six Senses Punakha – The flying farmhouse

The lodge makes reference to itself as a “flying farmhouse.” One of the pavilions is a cantilevered wooden structure that appears to fly over the pool and offers spectacular views, as well as a relaxation lounge and library.

The main design character of the Six Sense Punakha (the heart of culture of Bhutan) is inspired by the local farmhouse. The lodge has a stylish and minimalist interior. The design is a testimony to the region’s rich agricultural heritage. 

The infinity pool overlooks the mountains and its crescent shape resembles the terraced rice field below. The dining room at the lodge, dubbed ‘Ari,’ features traditional bamboo woven picnic baskets suspended from the ceiling. 

Six Senses Punkaha features 16 spacious suites, including three villas with their own private pools. The spa is designed in the style of a rural Bhutanese village, with an outdoor meditation area where guests can cultivate mindfulness.  The area around the lodge provides excellent hiking opportunities, including a two-hour trek to the stunning Choten Nyingpo Monastery.

3. Six Senses Gangtey.

Six Senses Bhutan
The Magnificent, one of a kind – Six Senses Gangtey

Rural Gangtey, located at 9,843 feet on the western slopes of the Black Mountains, is a designated conservation area and the site of the 16th-century Gangtey Goemba monastery. 

Gangtey is well-known for its picturesque Gangtey Monastery, complete with an elaborate gate and breathtaking valley views. The beautiful Phobjikha Valley is also nearby, and the area is ideal to watch one of the most majestic birds – the black necked crane. Its is truly a Birdwatcher’s Natural Paradise.

Six Senses Gangtey is strategically located above the black-necked crane conservation center, with expansive views of the Phobjikha Valley from every room. Most visit during late October to mid February. 

Six Senses Bhutan
Six Senses Gangtey – The Heart of Gangtey Valley

The intimate lodge’s ‘Birdwatching Bridge,’ with eight spacious and beautiful suites and one two-bedroom villa, is the central gathering point for lounging, dining, and unrivaled viewing of the cranes in their habitat below. 

The exterior of the structure is made of local stones and timber-framed windows, and the decor is influenced by uncluttered lines with a natural palate. 

Weathered timber floors and accented walls have been introduced, and comfy armchairs with footstools invite guests to unwind after long days spent exploring. 

4. Six Senses Bumthang.

Six Senses Bhutan
The Enchanting Six Senses Bumthang

The Bumthang Valley is best known for its undying beauty and Six Senses Bumthang makes it perfect for luxury travel to Bhutan. Six Senses Bumthang is located in the spiritual heart of Bhutan, close to the river and surrounded by dense blue pine forests.

The lodge is located in a pine forest above a bubbling, trout-filled stream, immerses guests in the natural beauty of its surroundings, honoring and having a peace of mind in the beautiful natural environment. 

Six Senses Bhutan
The Six Senses Bumthang amidst dense blue pine trees

Set in pine forest above a bubbling, trout-filled stream, Six Senses Bumthang immerses guests in the natural beauty of its surroundings, honoring the natural environment rather than impacting it. 

The lodge’s eight suites and one two-bedroom villa have spacious balconies with views of the valley’s forest. Six Senses Bumthang has eight spacious and beautifully appointed suites measuring and one two-bedroom villa . 

If you’re looking for peace and exclusivity on your luxury travel to Bhutan, the resort’s setting is a visual and auditory delight close to hallowed temples and monasteries, imbuing visitors with an unusual sense of serenity.

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide exceptional views, interiors are clean and contemporary, while recycled wood furnishings and timber walls deliver a sense of warmth. Six Senses Bumthang is committed to having a low environmental and wildlife impact, as well as a positive impact on the local community.

5. Six Senses Paro.

Six Senses Bhutan
Entrance of the Beautiful Six Senses Paro

Six Senses Paro is affectionately called ‘Stone Ruins’. The lodge is next to the ruins of a fortress from the 15th century. The walls are built with local stones as an homage to the nearby ruins. 

Six Senses Paro is located 30 minutes from Paro Airport. At 7,382 feet, the lodge enjoys a spectacular mountainside location. 

The lodge has a stunning view of the Paro Valley, which is home to Bhutan’s world-famous and iconic Tiger’s Nest. 

Paro Valley, surrounded by forested mountain peaks, mixed with small villages and ingeniously terraced crop fields, is one of the most scenic settings within the Six Senses, which makes it ideal for luxury travel to Bhutan. 

Six Senses Bhutan
Six Senses Paro with beautiful ruins and mountains in the background

The lodge also has a boutique shop where you can buy resort wear, artifacts, and souvenirs. Six Senses Paro has 16 suites and 4 villas located on the mountainside near the main pavilion. Wood paneling and neat neutral furnishings create a soothing effect throughout the resort, blending in harmoniously with the surroundings, creating a peaceful mindset, perfect for your holiday. 

With the aim to promote Bhutanese hospitality and happiness, the community- and sustainability-focused Six Senses had a good reason to open not one, but five luxury accommodations in Bhutan, a country guided by the Gross National Happiness principles.

For harmony with nature, the lodge is hard to beat. It is an ideal starting point for exploring nature and experiencing a peaceful part of the world that few people have visited.

Each of the Six Senses combines with the pioneering wellness approach woven into the fabric of every Six Senses property. So, there you have it, all the reasons why you should visit the five Six Senses for your next luxury travel to Bhutan.