Through The Eyes of Eyes of Children
Through The Eyes of Children
A family that travels together stays together

The perfect family holiday needs to get the balance right; that precious time to spend away from the demands of daily life and work, coupled with the knowledge that their little ones are well cared for and having buckets of fun, see through the eyes of children. 

Bhutan is a welcoming and safe country with a true sense of hospitality backed by the philosophy of Gross National Happiness that offers priceless family bonding experiences.

Apart from kid-pleasing cuisine – organic Hoentey (sweet buckwheat) noodles paired with butter made with fresh milk and irresistible Bhutanese homemade pastries – the country’s geography and hospitality are spectacular. 

Visitors will be awed by its majestic mountains, scenic hiking, pristine rivers, and rich culture. For families who are passionate about their voyage and want to truly explore a brand-new environment in style, Bhutan provides the ideal experience.

Karma Bhutan aims to inspire families to embark on unforgettable adventures together. 

We are delighted to help your family immerse in customized kids-friendly activities to help your family create a lifetime of memories you will cherish forever.

Let the adventure begin!

1. Joy Riding Through Dragon Valley 

Through The Eyes of Children
Take a breath of fresh air in the Himalayan Kingdom

The benefits of mountain biking with your kids go well beyond just being a terrific way to get them outside and in touch with nature. 

Mountain biking is fantastic for your children’s physical and mental health, enhances their balance and coordination, and fosters confidence. 

The Up and down hills of The Land Of The Thunder Dragon will surely entice you and your child to get a sense of adventure in the Himalayan kingdom. 

It will be an opportunity for you to appreciate your child’s physical natural gifts, inspire them with a few stunts along the carriageway, and re-connect through an activity everybody cherishes.

Take a slow ride up a gradual slope in the capital to the viewpoint of Kuensel Phodrang for a spectacular picturesque of Thimphu city as you have a heart-to-heart with your kids.

2. Calming Therapeutic Hike In the Highlands

Through The Eyes of Children
Take a therapeutic walk along a lush forest

While some believe that after they hit parenthood, their days of exploring are “over,” that is simply not true! 

There are so many exciting adventures to look forward to, create wonderful memories and connect with your kids, and Bhutan is the place that can help you fulfill all of the above. 

There will be countless family getaways and vacation spots when you spend time on the Gangtey Nature Trail in Phobjikha. 

The two-hour trail is perfect for children and adults to immerse in the scenic valley of Phobjikha as you feast on organic delicacies of Bhutanese cuisine and journey through thick pine trees, floral meadows, and the grasslands of Bhutan. 

Do not miss out on the extraordinary trip to the Crane Information Centre to learn and teach your children more about the majestic black-necked crane and its significance to the valley. 

3. Takin, A Mystical Creature In The Woods

Through The Eyes of Children
Learn the legend of the Takin

A trip to the zoo was one of the best family vacations a child could have. 

But with technology and workload on the rise, most families find it challenging to take time and plan a tour. 

However, if they view it from a child’s perspective who is curious to know about animals and wildlife, taking time to plan a trip will definitely bring joy to their heart.

The fable credited to the folk hero Drukpa Kunley is the foundation for the takin’s classification as Bhutan’s national animal. 

According to legend, this Tantric teacher was requested to perform a miracle after a feast by disciples in the 16th century. 

Drukpa Kunley created a new species from a collection of cow and goat bones by grafting a goat head onto a cow’s body.

Spending time with your child to learn about the history behind the animal and observe these rare species will give your child a new dimension of perceiving and delivering stories. 

4. The Secrets Lie Behind The Walls 

Through The Eyes of Children
Unravel the secrets behind the walls of the monasteries in Bhutan

Bhutan, one of the hidden gems in the world, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and unexplored Himalayan ranges. 

But that is not all; the country is home to some incredible monasteries that will provide your family with the spiritual peace they deserve. Besides being just gorgeous, these monasteries are as enigmatic as they can get. 

Your children can delve into the history and heritage of this magnificent country and learn about Buddhism, our way of life, and how our country became one. 

The legends and stories will give your child’s curiosity and imagination a new light. 

5. The Act Of Kindness At School

Through The Eyes of Children
Learn and have fun with the future of Bhutan

Bhutan, the last great Himalayan Kingdom, is truly unique – culturally, geographically, and environmentally. 

Shrouded in mystery and magic, Bhutan will astound, charm, and mystify a young traveler. 

In this exclusive educational travel experience, you and your family can explore this stunning country’s remote community schools.  

You can partake in their activities and gain a uniquely personal perspective on Bhutan’s extraordinary Gross National Happiness.

It is important for children to know and learn about the act of giving to make them better future citizens. 

As a Buddhist Country, Bhutan believes in the philosophy of Karma. You get what you give. Instilling this belief in children’s minds will allow them to act kindly.

We believe that involving children in the process of fundraising is key to learning and understanding the concept of becoming a philanthropist and being the future generation that cares for and nurtures developing countries like Bhutan. 

6. Seeing Through The Eyes Of Children

Through The Eyes of Children
Experience new things and learn from your child

Many families travel the world and still provide their children with an excellent education. 

But for some, the idea of traveling with kids gives them chills. But to assure you, the downsides of traveling with children are way lesser than you think. 

Traveling with your children will allow you to see and imagine things you normally wouldn’t if you travel alone. 

Your kid’s young mind has many optimistic ideas and thoughts that can give new dimensions to your perception of life. 

Traveling as a family will not only educate your child but will also allow you to know about living life carefree. 

There are many fun and exciting things to do in Bhutan. You can bike, hike, walk and jog with your children and get a chance to feel young again.

7. Be At Home Away From Home

Eyes of Children
Feel the warmth of Bhutanese hospitality

More and more travelers are looking for more authentic tourism experiences, and where better to experience true local culture than in people’s homes? 

We all know home is so much more about “who” than “what,” which is why staying with a real family can be so impactful. 

It directly immerses you into local life and allows you to interact with communities in ways that aren’t possible otherwise. 

Homestays in Bhutan will provide you with hospitality and facilities that will make you a part of a Bhutanese family. 

There you can experience the Bhutanese lifestyle and daily work activities of our society. 

You will find luxurious homestays with authentic Bhutanese chefs who will prepare meals for your family that will leave your taste buds dancing!

Traveling with children can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have as a family. 

The process of learning, experiencing, and bonding from the start of the trip till the end is what makes Bhutan truly a unique destination for families.

Families who travel together develop closer bonds, children acquire new experiences, and adults develop a more profound respect for their surroundings. 

Allow Karma Bhutan to create a seamless, luxury, and customized itinerary for you and your family to fully explore this enigmatic, historic, and culturally rich country.