Special Occasions


Special Occasions
Bhutan, the ultimate destination for opulent travels 

If you’re looking for something off the tourist trail, the Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most majestic places on the planet that hasn’t seen hordes of tourists.

A rejuvenating trip to this tiny Himalayan Kingdom, often called the Last Shangri La, offers a lifetime of memories with luxurious experiences, from its rugged alpine terrain to the crystal clear glistening waters of sub-tropical creeks.

Suppose you want to embrace the diverse ecology and magnificent archaic monuments of this small Himalayan kingdom. In that case, we’re here to provide exclusive and thoughtfully curated ways to spend your most special occasions in soulful Bhutan.

For over two decades, the Last Shangri La has attracted the most elite travel enthusiasts, and every day is a new experience in this part of the world.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? 

If you’re still unsure how to spend your special occasions like a honeymoon, birthdays, anniversaries, or retirement in this fairytale kingdom, here’s a list of the most opulent ways to spend your time in the Dragon Kingdom.

1. Chasing Waterfalls   

Special Occasions
Reinvigorate your souls under shimmering waterfalls 

If you are looking for ways to create priceless memories with your significant other on your anniversary, then the sound of a cascading waterfall straight from the mountains is just what you need to make it incredibly romantic.

It’s almost hypnotizing to watch the waters fall gracefully into the natural pools, fostering a sensation of rare serenity.

There are numerous waterfalls in Bhutan, many of which are motor vehicle accessible. You can choose to go on a self-guided expedition or use a chaperone to explore as many waterfalls as possible. 

A picnic and a dip in the refreshing and crystal clear waterfall will re-energize you before you return to the comfort of your luxury liner hotel in the evening.

2. Ferrying Above The Unclimbed Peak Of Bhutan   

Special Occasions
Tower above the clouds and view the majestic Himalayas 

The most romantic way to start your honeymoon in the Dragon Kingdom is by enjoying a scenic view from the helicopter. 

Your love will sprawl even more after taking the helicopter journey to Jomolhari, the second-highest unclimbed peak in the world.

Mount Jomolhari (7315m) is considered the bride of Kangchenjunga, and by camping at its base, you can turn your honeymoon into a priceless love memory. 

You will fall in love with this location in every aspect imaginable because it is encircled by clean glacial lakes reflecting its surroundings, fragrant vegetation, and wildlife that are hard to see elsewhere. 

3. Dinner Under The Stars In Bumdra   

Special Occasions
Create priceless moments with your loved ones 

What could be more special than sharing a hearty meal under the starry night with your loved ones as you celebrate life? How about a moonlit degustation dinner under the stars with the cool broadleaved forest breeze tempering the night air to celebrate you and your loved ones. 

Bumdra is one of the less trodden destinations in Bhutan’s sub-alpine region, with stunning vistas of enchanting mountains, a canopy of cool broad leaves, and one of the most diverse wildlife and flora in all of Bhutan.   

4. Soothing Stone Bath With Wine And A Butler   

Special Occasions
Dip in your bath in style 

Bhutan’s therapeutic experiences raise the bar for luxury. There is nothing better than indulging in a soothing stone bath while nurturing your body, mind, and soul with a relaxing mountain view.

It could be owing to the climate (or our taste for the finest things in life), but Bhutan is home to a top-of-the-line concentration of exclusive hot stone baths.

After a long, tiring tour across the country, you can enjoy the incredibly enlivening and decadent hot stone bath services, including fine wining and dining. 

Therapeutic stone baths in Bhutan focus on holistic healing to enhance you in leading a fulfilled, healthy, and natural life. 

Bhutan’s hot stone baths start with a flower essence welcoming ritual and end with a cup of herbal tea in one of their prestigious recovery pods. You can also enjoy saunas, including saline steam saunas. 

5. Look For Collectible Arts That Weigh In Time   

Special Occasions
Shop exclusive Bhutanese arts by Twinz

Shop exclusive Bhutanese arts by Twinz

Bhutan is a country known for its vibrant arts and culture. You can truly get an unguarded glimpse into this fascinating kingdom that showcases history and heritage on the same canvas. 

Bhutan offers a masterpiece type of art hunting experience, with antique collectibles and paintings on one side and exotic hand-crafted collectibles on the other.

If you wish to celebrate your retirement, hunting for collectible arts is one of the fun activities in Bhutan. Splurging on rare paintings, handicrafts, and arts in Bhutan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any artistic visitor with a keen eye. 

For art buffs, the first thought for collecting paintings in Thimphu is from the Twinz Art Studio. You can unwind and take a breather at this warm ambient gallery while gazing at some of the best artworks of the Twinz.  

6. Share A Meal With A Family At Their Farm Home  

Learn Bhutan’s tradition and culture from a local perspective 

Sometimes, you just want to escape the concrete jungles and find solace in nature in its purest form, which is exactly what Bhutan offers. 

Farmhouses in Bhutan are peaceful and far from crowds, with affluent visitors crediting their stay at Bhutan homestay as the highlight of their soulful Bhutan trip.

Additionally, they fundamentally fill a void left by hotels. You must have spent most of your trip in grand hotels and luxurious resorts in every new city you visited. 

But Bhutan is a great way to try out a farmhouse if you’ve never been to one. Unlike any other, it will move your soul and fill you with a lifetime of memories, and who knows, you might just learn something new about yourself. 

Living at a farmhouse and savoring the organic Bhutanese cuisine allows you to immerse yourself in the cultural idiosyncrasies and gain insights into traditional Bhutan, a pleasant change from resorts and hotels.  

7. Cordyceps Tea Tasting Session  

Special Occasions
Explore Bhutan’s herbal teas

With its richness in medicinal plants, Bhutan is heaven for herbal tea lovers. You can take guided walks through the luxurious tea houses in and around Thimphu, including the Institute of Traditional Medical Services.

While on tour, you can watch herbal tea processing and taste some varieties. You can also include a tailored tour to visit Namgay Artisanal Brewery in Paro to relish delicious local beverages. 

Go for the exclusive draught beer or the Bhutanese beer – a glass of beer made from the finest red rice, wheat, and more as you enjoy your choice of drink along with a sumptuous plate of Bhutanese delicacies. 

Famous for its extravagant shrines, impressive centuries-old artworks, majestic architecture, breathtaking vistas, and soulful cuisine, Bhutan attracts artistic travelers who are looking to indulge in an opulent getaway. 

When life becomes routine, our bodies yearn for change. And with a well-spent holiday in Bhutan, this is exactly what you’ll discover. Your special occasions are unique at Karma Bhutan because they mean as much to us as they do to you.

Therefore, if any of these ideas piqued your interest, we can help you tailor a kind of trip truly personal to you. Rest assured, Bhutan is not another stamp on your passport; it is an experience of a lifetime.